HELP WANTED on Organic Farms from Hawaii to the Himalayas

Josh Halpern spent 8 months of 2007 lending a hand on organic farms in Hawaii, the Philippines, Thailand and India. WWOOF ‘n Wander (53 mins) documents this journey of discovery, celebrates occasions to honor the earth on an individual as well as global scale, explores the possibility of merging indigenous wisdom with 21st century permaculture, delightes in the fruits of the wander, and makes volunteering on farms across the globe look easy, fun, and life-changing.

WWOOF ‘n Wander streams RIGHT HERE in 7 parts
you can watch them in order, or skip around between countries:


Hawaii                 The Philippines

Thailand                  India

“Recent” Press: Boston Globe, Town Topics.

Next Screening: SF East Bay, to be announced…

and now THE FILM!

WWOOF ‘n Wander Teaser Trailer (Graphic)

1. INDIA: WWOOF ‘n Wander begins at NuTech Organic Farm in Gujurat

2. THAILAND: Introduction to Tacome Pai, an organic permaculture
farm and home-stay 4km outside of Pai in North Thailand.

3. THAILAND: Sandot expands his farm, welcomes visitors,
and lays the groundwork for the first annual Paimaculture festival.

4. THAILAND: Music! Spirituality! Culture!

5. PHILIPPINES: ENCA Organic Farm in the heart of the Cordillera
Mts, and the glorious Batad Rice Terraces in Ifugao Province.

6. HAWAII: Two fantastic family farms,
two sweet couples in Pahoa, on the Big Island.

7. HOME: Reuniting the soul in nature,
exploring the vast world, bringing back a gift.