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Solastalgia Soul Train: Take Your Eco-Fears and Make ‘Em Funky

Fukushima radiation takes only a few days’ journey by air over the ocean before it splashes down in the Esalen hot tubs. Solastalgia describes the homesickness felt as your home disappears. Josh will open up a seriously fun dance space for fears of these changes to move through our cells and release back to the cosmos.

Workshop conducted at Esalen Oct 2013

WARNING: Video below contains some serious dancing.


Bodies in Between: Dancing Our Death Cycle, Limbs Loving Life

Our heritage of rhythm, music, and dance, free from relying on tools and symbols beyond the body, often touches the imminent divine more directly than other arts. Tools do occasionally also help. The annual weeklong session at Esalen with the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness Department at CIIS brings us Joshua Halpern ~ conducting a somatic, shamanic, and sensual exploration of our shared ecological, cosmological, and relational moment. Expect Movement! Intensity! Fun! Because when Josh’s new blue pedal is combined with Josh’s body, the Universe arrives in some particularly thrilling ways.

Joshua Halpern discusses climate-based migration through an Integral Ecology lens. (30 mins)

He also drew the poster for the Grounding Terrestrial Wisdom Culture Event:

Through the stories we carry and share, the futures we co-create, and the presence of each moment, we learn to nuture growth and transformation above all through our loving relationships.

(20 mins) From the 2012 Cosmology of Love Conference.

In this 2 hour presentation/workshop, Joshua Halpern explores the FIGHT to save the planet. At several points the whole room gets out of their chairs and acts out ecological cataclysms.

See description below:

Josh recently helped his mother move out of the house his father built in Princeton, NJ in 1960. Breathing life into family artifacts dating back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the 1860s, engaging the land where he was born one more time, contending with numerous old and often difficult stories calling out for attention, and capturing over 3500 photos, (only 350 of which are found below) Josh found creative ways to transform the experiences of loss into those of rebirth.
When Josh presented this work at The Esalen Institute and the Landscapes/Soulscapes Symposium in San Francisco in the Fall of 2011, he began by initiating somatic explorations with the group, attempting to presence home in the room and in the bodies of the participants. Then, after taking the audience through his personal explorations, Josh connected his final encounters at home with the larger experience of solastalgia, a feeling which accompanies the loss of an individual or community’s home, losses which often occur in much more devastating ways.
For climate migrants and the increasing number of displaced peoples around the world, the questions of how to transform these relationships to home are critical. More on this can be found in Josh’s more recent talk Climate Migrants and Solastalgia: Transforming Homes of the Displaced and Disconnected.