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Joshua Halpern discusses climate-based migration through an Integral Ecology lens. (30 mins)

He also drew the poster for the Grounding Terrestrial Wisdom Culture Event:


We have brought forth a centuries-long shift in the planet’s life-sustaining systems. This changes our goals a bit. What choices are now opening to us? I’ve had the great gift of time to explore paths which resonated on a soul-level, and powerful experiences working my heart and hands the last ten years. I’m looking to add more minds to the mix. A primary artery of all my work has been orienting people to our Earth. Every day humans come into new, sacred relationships with the natural world. I would like to facilitate more of these engagements. An immediate goal for the summer is to begin editing my footage from sacred sites around the globe. But art is only one delivery system for a larger purpose – preserving and creating sacred space and relationship.

As we build new communities, I want to establish medicine wheels, gardens, parks and protected wild alongside the other essential sustainable systems. The river system where I was born is tattooed on my back – I hope to help neighborhoods engage with their genius loci. I continually find myself in conversations that sound like despair work. I accept these heartbreaks as part of my responsibility. I know firsthand how trauma can hold in the body, and am very interested in the somatic arts, not to mention rhythm and dance. I’m also compelled by the potentials of shamanism in the 21st century. And I imagine that while helping our transformations at home is necessary, I’ll also want a voice in the larger global discussions – maybe as a solastalgist for climate refugees, or something involving biodiversity, or water. The only place that can integrate all of these yearnings is CIIS.

An earth community is being born in each of us. CIIS is providing our first midwives. The integral ecology track, and the redwoods, pull me to San Fransisco. I leave my burgeoning community at home to apprentice at the hub of the environmental and global justice movements. And I continue to trust the universe that has brought me to you at this time.