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Late summer weather in the Bay Area is chosen by the Pacific. How much of the region would we like to engulf in clouds today? I’ve found many beautiful places to wander already. I’m drawn to them. I will spend time in nature every day if I can. This morning I walked out onto the pier at the Berkeley Marina and strode directly into a new weather system.

The dense grey cloud engulfed the city, the golden gate, the highlands, but breezed past the east bay, just out of reach. As I moved into the cloud, the air becoming dark, the wind flapping my hoodie, the people more scary and scarce, it reminded me of our frightening future.

First week of school, a non-descript building downtown. Integral Ecology. We start with the state of the world and the story of the universe. The state of the world is depletion – watertables, topsoils, mass extinctions. The edge of the pier. The story of the universe, however, is glorious – vast and moving and creative and fueled by love. The song that comes to my head as I walk back towards shore.

This is our reckoning, holding both realities, every day, every night. Holding and giving away – it’s in the sharing that we grow communities. We’ll teach each other. I am at school with scholars and shamans, soothsayers and solastalgists.

I am going for new views.

I continue to trust my timing.

I seem ripe. I have found a converted garage in a 100 yr old farmhouse in Berkeley. Exposed pipe, industrial sink, weird skylights, loft. Perfect. Bridget’s hopping. I put up my sacred objects and it feels like home.

I feel welcome here. I’m arriving as myself. And hoping to find my tribe.


As we move into the fall, which is supposed be the prettiest time of year here, I’ll let you know any plans to save the earth. But for now, I’m just balancing everything.




I am compelled by views.
I am captured still, connecting yet again to my position in the ebb and flow of earth.
The curling mountains, the frothing streams, we share backs.
But we have shared badly our sustenance and space.
I am sorry for this, and I am in your service.

I humbly ask for a new home, a place to be of help.
A community in conversation I could join.
And love.

My roots, grown strong in their twisted explorations,
drunk from a deep but dwindling aqueduct,
held on here for life for so long,
finally release.

I follow the skies, moon over the birds, climb to high places,
but though I can bounce,
my wings, stuffed between my shoulders,
have waited till now to unfurl,
and I have forgotten my methods of flight.

A biodynamic, permacultural, and delicious learning experience!  Tracking a new garden from conception through four seasons. Features cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, corn, herbs, natives, and pollinator-attracting flowers, companion planting, bamboo raised beds, a yoga circle and a medicinal herb spiral.