Hey, an actual music video! The first of many to come.

Joshua Halpern confronts the end of the world with humor and honesty in his final graduate school presentation “At the End: Celebrating Cycles of Change” and includes some of his own photography, video, poetry, live music, and a choreographed dance number.

Giving breath to lost locations, hearing hello’s across species, and naming our neighbors, are just some of the co-creative explorations of this workshop for the 2013 Grounding Terrestrial Wisdom Culture event.

Where will we locate love in the future? For the 2013 Cosmology of Love conference, we all get out of our seats and embed in some love across epic scales.

Personal Ecology

A multimedia telling of the stories of home, ecology, cosmology, politics, and magic as they wove through my last 3 years pursuing an MA in Integral Ecology in the Bay Area.

Joshua Halpern discusses climate-based migration through an Integral Ecology lens. (30 mins)

He also drew the poster for the Grounding Terrestrial Wisdom Culture Event:


Through the stories we carry and share, the futures we co-create, and the presence of each moment, we learn to nuture growth and transformation above all through our loving relationships.

(20 mins) From the 2012 Cosmology of Love Conference.

In this 2 hour presentation/workshop, Joshua Halpern explores the FIGHT to save the planet. At several points the whole room gets out of their chairs and acts out ecological cataclysms.

See description below: